Passionate about Quality.

Following in the footsteps of traditional artisans we capture the very best in Italian tradition.

We don’t only make things beautiful. We make them exceptional.

Venilux produces decorative products in lime paste and powder of excellent quality, particularly appreciated in the architectonic restoration field. All of our products are composed of very fine micro-filtered grassello (lime). The best Italian tradition in the field of mural finishing is represented by products like Shiny Grassello, Venetian Plaster, Marmorino an Intonachino.

Our Team

Michel Fortier

Michel Fortier

Chief Operations Officer
Dieter Kitzul

Dieter Kitzul

Chief Trainer

Exceptional Product, Support, and Training

New fine finishing like Glimmerputz, Marmorino Matt Mother-of-Pearl and Murano Silver-Gold and Bronz are defined with mother-of-pearl or metallic elements. The collection of Luxury & Lime Essence, Classic, High Tech and Fashion offers a vast range of colors, from light shades to traditional colors, up to strong and
fashionable shades.

VeniLux puts at disposal a tincture system to create the complete range of colors of our catalog Luxury & Lime; theoretical and practical lessons to apply
decorative, commercial support and marketing, sample charts of the various materials and the supply of products for Private labels.

Green Friendly.

The lime-based products of Venilux has a superior quality and ecologic value which projects our company to the the green division.

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Our courses are a good investment for the growth of your professional career and increased skill set.